99% Lifetime Warranty

Quai wheels will repair or replace Wheel or Rim damaged only during riding. Quai’s 99% Lifetime warranty will be in effect for the lifetime of the original registered owner. Warranty cannot be transferred.  Any damage occurring from other circumstances is covered under the Crash Replacement Program at a reduced cost.

Quai Components and accessories are 5 year manufacturer warranty. Note: Tubeless valves and tubeless tape is considered a wear and tear item. We do not replace valves and or tubeless tape do to wear and tear.

This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship when used normally in accordance with our Quai guidelines.


Frequently Asked Question:

Question: What is 99% Lifetime warranty?

Answer: 99% lifetime Warranty is a no questions asked if damaged during/by riding your Bike.  


Questions: If it’s no questions asked lifetime warranty, then what is the 99%?

Answer:  Means we replace our wheels 99% of time, but there is that 1% we just can’t cover.


Question: ok so what is the 1% you don’t cover? (Quai guidelines)


1. Warranty cannot be transferred to another person (original owner ONLY)

2. No proof of purchase.

3. Melted wheels by car exhaust pipes, holes melted by torch or damage by any flammable devices.

4. Broken wheels due to bike left on top of car rack that ran into garage door, walls, bridges, trees, branches, freeway overpass, lakes, rivers and the Sea

5. Wheels ran over by motor vehicle (bikes, cars, trucks, and so on)

6. Any intentional harm to Quai wheels other than regular trail, Bike Park and road riding

7. Improper alteration and installation

8. Surface scratches and normal wear and tear.

9. Crash, Neglect, improper maintenance, or abnormal, excessive, or improper use.

10. We do not offer lifetime warranty on DT Swiss Hubs. But will Definitely help you contact DT Swiss with any warranty issues.



Question: So why confuse people with the “No questions asked” 99% Lifetime Warranty?

Answer: Many consumers read the First Line of any Lifetime warranty with “no Questions asked” and automatically assume no questions asked and often leaves sour taste because when you start the claim process there are a whole bunch of conditions. We just want to be upfront about it with our consumers.


Question: I still don’t understand! The Other guys are No questions asked!

Answer: Ok, Let us suppose Person buys an Awesome Carbon wheelset from a friend at very low cost, and then decide to break both wheelset by dropping it from 4 story building. Person calls this Awesome company up and says “Hey, I’m filing a claim because my old set broke” The assumption of no Questions asked is ok send them back to us and we will replace you with a new one. But that’s hardly the case.

Awesome carbon company will likely ask for:

1. Proof of purchase and/or product registration.

2. Proof you are original owner

3. Photos of damage

4. Serial # of wheels and so forth. 

We just don’t want to give our consumers a false expectation on our warranty.  We will warranty your damaged wheel 99% of the time!


Questions: What if it was an honest mistake? or someone else ran the bike over while I was getting ready to ride?

Answer:  We have a Crash replacement for you which starts at 50% of MSRP.


Questions: Where can I Find the MSRP?

Answer: You can find our MSRP here


Question: How do I claim my wheel?

Answer 1: If you bought them from Dealer/Bike shop. Simply bring the wheels back to the dealer and we will take it from there.

If you purchased through ridequai.com just email us at info@ridequai.com

or give us a call at 626-344-0947 . We will help you with your claim.


Questions: How long does it usually take for claim?

Answer: Usually it takes us about 3 to 4 business days to process the claim. Excludes shipping times.


Questions: Do I need to send back the wheel?

Answer: Yes, we need your damaged wheel back plus your hubs so we can build a new wheel, unless you damaged your hubs.   


Questions: How does the shipment work, who pays for what?

Answer: We only ask you to pay the return shipment, and we pay the shipment replacement to you. If you are lucky in the So. Cal region we just might drive deliver the wheels to you.


Question: Can I register my wheels directly with you

Answer: Yes Below is the registration form.


Question: Does 99% lifetime warranty cover Quai accessories.

Answer: No, 99% Lifetime warranty only covers all Quai 2019 and beyond wheels. Quai accessories are 5 year limited warranty.

Register your Quai Wheels