Quai Demo Powered by Maxxis® Tires


  1. Fill out the Demo Wheel application Here or use the link below
  2. Place a fully refundable deposit $500
  3. We ship you your new Demo wheels to test ride for 2 weeks
  4. At the end of two weeks we will contact you by email & by phone
  5. If you don’t like our wheels within the 2 week trial period, We will issue a return shipping label (at our expense), ship the wheels back to us in California and we will fully refund your deposit
  6. If you however love our wheels and wish to keep it. We will charge you the remaining balance. Maxxis Tires are on us!
  7. What are you waiting for? click below!

Wheel Demo Application

Important questions about Quai Demo Program

Question: Are the demo wheels brand new?

Answer: Yes, every demo wheel shipped out to you is brand new never ridden.


Question: I’m outside of United States can i sign up for the demo program

Answer: We only offer demo program to US customers for now. Our next goal is Canada, please check back with us to see when demo program is available for Canada.


Question: What happens if I damage the wheels during the 2-week trial period

Answer: Don’t worry about cracks or damages to our demo wheels. We have that covered in our Quai lifetime warranty coverage. However, we have to inspect the wheels upon return just to make sure there is no ill-intention. We still need a little bit of protection from intentional harm!


Question: What if I crashed or ran over the wheels on accident? accidents happen you know?

Answer: We will do our best to accommodate you and we won’t charge you for the full amount (MSRP) if accidents happen. However we still need to assess the damages upon the return of the wheels.


Question: What if theft happens during the demo trial period?

Answer: We also understand people’s houses get broken into or people jacking bikes during your lunch break. We urge you to work with the local police and file a report. We will hold the deposit till everything is officially filed. We also understand there tons variables out there and we are willing to work with you if such disaster happens.


Question: How does shipping work?

Answer: With your $500 deposit we do not charge your shipping fee up front. However, if you decide you want to keep the wheels we will charge the remaining balance plus the shipping fee.


Question: Will I be charged shipping fees if i decide the demo wheels are not for me?

Answer: No, if you decide not to keep our wheels, the shipping is on us.


Question: How will i know how much shipping will cost?

Answer: We will send you your shipping cost prior to shipping out your demo wheels. We will choose the cheapest shipping rate possible.


Question: How will i know the remaining balance?

Answer: We will send you the remaining balance plus the shipping cost prior to shipping your demo wheels. We want to be transparent as possible so you don’t freak out when we charge you the remaining balance.

Question: Can i request different tires?

Answer: Unfortunately no, we only work with what we got so far


Question: What type of tires come pre-installed?

Answer: We partnered up with Maxxis Tires to bring you the best in the industry.

  • Enduro / All mountain wheels : Front: DHF 2.5. X Rear: DHRII 2.5
  • Gravel wheels: Rambler: 700x 40C
  • Cross country wheels: Front: Ardent 2.4 X Rear: Ardent 2.4


Question: Are the demo wheels on a Tubeless set up?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. All of our demo wheels are pre-installed with inner tubes. Note: please keep this setting until you fully purchase our demo wheel.


Question: Do i need to convert the wheels to Tubeless set up?

Answer: Yes and no! I know right?.. All you need to do is take out the inner tubes and install the tubeless valves that came with the wheels use the sealant of your choice and you are on your way.


Question: Can i convert to tubeless during the demo trial period?

Answer: Due to shipping reasons please don’t convert to tubeless setup until after you completed the demo purchase.


Question: Can I keep the tires if i decide to return the wheels?

Answer: Unfortunately no. We require you return everything that came in the box. Please Keep everything intact, including all boxes, you may need it for return shipping.


Question: Can i keep the tubeless valves if i decide to return the wheels

Answer: Unfortunately you may not! please return everything that came with your demo wheel.( tubeless valves, QR’s, decals. etc…)

Question: Can i adjust the spoke tension during trial period?

Answer: Unfortunately no, We need you to keep the wheels at stock settings when you return the wheels to us. This is to protect both you the rider and us at Quai USA


Question: I have a mullet set up (front 29 and rear 27.5) are they available?

Answer: As of 2020 we do not have mullet set up, but it looks like we may in 2021


Question: Which wheels are available for demo program.

Answer: Currently ISOS / M-series / G-series are available. We are looking to add Road wheels soon.

  • ISOS 33 29 PRO & PRO+ (Enduro / All mountain)

  • ISOS 33 27.5 PRO & PRO+ (Enduro / All mountain)

  • ISOS 29 XC/Trail PRO (Cross country / Trail)

  • ISOS 700C PRO (Gravel)

  • M29 PRO (Enduro / All mountain)

  • M27.5 PRO (Enduro / All Mountain)

  • M29 XC PRO (Enduro / All Mountain)

  • G40 PRO (Gravel)

  • G23 PRO (Gravel)