About Quai

Who is Quai USA?

Quai USA is located in Southern California City of Industry, managed by Send it Sports LLC.  Quai has been flying under everyone’s radar since its first ISOS 27.5 Trail hit the shelves back in 2015. We have been testing, researching and planning for our North America launch since Fall of 2016. But before introducing a new wheel into the already crowded space, we needed to perfect our wheels before we send them off to our riders.  After countless hours spent testing wheels, Quai is ready to bring the excitement to North America. We love Mountain Biking and we love doing it with some style!   


The People

The brains behind the scenes at Quai have almost 50 years of combined knowledge working as head of R&D, Product Manager and supply Chain management at reputable cycling giants. Also did we mention we love Mountain biking? All of our employees are avid mountain bikers a love to spend time in the mountains and hang out with fellow mountain bikers. love for cycling is a MUST for Employee of Quai USA.

The Warranty

Quai offers 2 types of Warranty

  1. 99% Lifetime warranty – find out what is the 1% here

  2. 5 year Manufacturer warranty on components. Excludes wear and tear items.

The Service

If you buy direct from our online shop, your wheels and components will be shipped from our California headquarters. All maintenance, crashes and warranty claims will be processed here in California.

We love working with your favorite Dealer/Bike Shop as they can provide the most professional installation, service and maintenance. If you want to service your wheels at your local shop let us know and we’ll give them a call.

Bike Shop / Dealers

Bike Shops send us an email at info@ridequai.com to get Dealer pricing.