Ride Smart! #soloride

Ride Smart! #soloride

Stay safe and ride smart!

I'm sure many of you guys and gals are going to go out riding despite the social distance imposed on us. Many young peeps or healthy cyclists may be thinking "I'm healthy, I'm exercising i should be ok". But that is hardly the case, the one thing that this virus doing is reminding us just how selfish we really are.  

We understand there is no way any bike enthusiasts , including me, will not take this time to go riding. But try to keep few things in mind when you go out riding.  

Here's a quick checklist for going out to ride during this time of crisis. 

  1. Ride at 50% - Just enjoy the ride and being healthy
  2. Avoid injury - Avoid the hospital
  3. Pack food and water - Avoid buying food in public places
  4. #Ridesolo - Avoid group rides
  5. Ride your local trails - Avoid far drives - Avoid gas stations
This is temporary!  No one can tell us to stop riding but,  Stay Safe and Ride Smart!


Quai USA