What is Wheel science?

What is Wheel science?

Quai's wheel science approach comprises mainly in 4 parts. 

1. The Quality

2. The Tech

3. The Price

4. The service

The Quality.

All of our wheels are made with precision tooling / carbon layup as well as one of the best carbon fiber composites companies in the industry today (Toray composites). Our wheels have been put to the test by, Pinkbike and MTBR at Squamish, BC and our California favorite trail Downieville, CA. Link: product review page


The Tech

At Quai, we are always bringing unique tech to our riders. Our RSL "radially staggered lacing" provides excellent over stiffness by giving our rim profile a vertical offset, Thus changing the bracing angles of spokes to come close to a isosceles triangle. Overall stiffness equals better response!


The Price

We honestly do believe carbon wheels should not break your wallet!  At $1599, $1299 and $999 per wheelset, we are setting a gold standard in passing savings to our consumers. Not to mention the pricing for our handlebars & tubeless valves. 


The Service

Every wheel is back by a lifetime warranty. Click on warranty FAQ.  You can always email or give us a call to find out which wheel best fits you.