Wheel Science

The golden rule is simply that every section of the wheel should bear the same load as the other. The unorthodox design behind the ISOS 33 is a snapshot of the way challenges are met at Quai. Nothing against the textbook way to solve problems, but Quai USA builds its reputation on taking unmarked trails. It’s not the easiest or the most conventional way, but it’s what comes natural to us.
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Radially Staggard Lacing

RSL Technology

There’s a reason why wheel builders obsess over each spoke on a wheel having the same length and tension as the others. Because when any one part is doing more work, that part of the wheel becomes fatigued and more prone to cracking. 


To achieve this on an asymmetric hub common on multi-speed bikes, the typical way is to make the flange wider on the right side. Or, if you take a less conventional approach, you may end up with something like the ISOS 33, where the differences in the variation creates better bracing angles, achieving better stiffness and response.

Our riders

At Quai USA we believe in the pursuit of cycling lifestyle across all cycling disciplines. Whether it be mountain biking, gravel, road, from racing to a community influencer, our Grassroots / Ambassador programs offers young adults and industry veterans the chance to grow and develop themselves with the support of Quai products and services

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